HotTT featuring: Keyshia Cole

It’s the return of Hot Trax Tuesday!  Yay!

**Random side note:  I really like how iTunes is now giving a 1:30 listening samples of all the songs.  It is SOOOO much better to get an idea of whether or not you’ll actually like something and wanna buy it.  Okay back to this**

For the New Year, I’m definitely “resolving” to stay on track with my HotTT posts on some sort of consistent basis.  I like sharing my “likes” in music with you guys so I’m gonna do my best to keep it up!

This week, I wanted to share with you three of my favorite songs from an artist that I personally really enjoy, Keyshia Cole.  You may know her from some of her hit singles such as “Love”, “I Changed My Mind”, “Let it Go” among many others.  Her style of music really does remind me of this generations Mary J, in my humble opinion.  But you can form your own conclusions lol.

Ready for my picks???  Well to make things even better, I’m gonna make a playlist of the songs for each HotTT post on YouTube so that you can see these two and all the future HotTT picks to come!  Yay! lol  But as a hint to the songs, I just really like how these each give a story of hurt, then hope, and finally some kinda happiness.  Along with 3 different hair colors…BUT that’s all I’m gonna say!

So check out my personal faves from Ms. Keyshia Cole by clicking HERE and stay tuned for all the HotTT picks that I’ll continue adding to this playlist throughout the year.

Until the next HotTT post,

Love and God Bless,

– T


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