First Impressions: Fantasia Frizz Buster Silky Smooth Straightening Creme

Last week I wanted to flat-iron my hair status post washing and putting it into the carefree curls from Weekly Wash #9.  But I wanted to find a new heat protectant that was like a moisturizing agent as opposed to just a serum.  So went to a local store (Walgreens actually) and my eyes gazed upon a product that I’d never heard of before (see below):

Frizz Buster
Silky Smooth Straightening Creme

product image

Loved the ALCOHOL FREE sign at the bottom.  Note the tons of claims on the front of the jar.  In addition here were it’s claims:

[…] ideal for use on all hair types.  Tames, smooths, shines and irons hair straight.  Maintains great moisture balance to help protect hair against damage cause by heat appliances.  Hair stays silky straight and frizz free, even in damp, humid conditions.

First thing about this product that I noticed.  The smell.  It smells soapy….It’s not a bad smell.  Just not that great lol.  But I could live with it.

I went ahead and applied about a dime sized amount of product to each section prior to flat ironing.  And immediately, I was turned off.  While my hair was indeed straight, it was also very stiff.  Not sure if I used too much product or what but this stiff hair was not the business.  Then I noticed that after all my hair was straightened and in the following my days my hair was just extremely dry.  This could also be due to protein overload, but my hair doesn’t usually feel that dry.  No bueno.  Some pics of the final look are below:

 (Photo Credits to Event Snipers)

So the style didn’t suck.  I just didn’t like the way my hair felt after it was done:  stiff, rough, and hard.  Gotta give this product a 4/10 for First Impressions.  Definitely not impressed…. 😦

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Love and God Bless,

– T


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