First Impressions: Jazmine Sullivan “Love Me Back”

This is SO LONG overdue it’s ridiculous! lol

So Jazmine Sullivan’s highly anticipated sophomore album “Love Me Back” was recently released (and by recently I mean…early November lol).  I definitely went to iTunes and PURCHASED (not illegally downloaded) this album because I love Jazmine.  She has an amazing voice and her music is always the truth.  I like to support good music/artists.

First, let me just talk about the Album cover and the photos in the digital booklet.  Jazmine looks AMAZING.  She has one set where she’s in the black leather (as in the cover photo above) showing her tough side.  Then another set of pics shows her in a white mini-dress and soft curls in her hair, showing her softer more feminine side.  Absolutely beautiful.

On first listen, I could definitely see myself listening to this all the way through every single time.  Her vocals are ON point!  And on every single song.  I’m sure many of you are familiar with the singles “Holding You Down (Goin’ in Circles)” and “10 Seconds” (and if you’re not, shame on you…).

Now I have to give kudos to Jazmine and her team for keeping her material secure because…I can’t find ANY videos of the songs to share with you guys online!!! LOL  Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough or something but.  Hey.  Props to them!  Yall betta make sure Jazmine makes that money…lol

Anyways, my favorites off the album after my first listen had to be:

1.  Don’t Make Me Wait – The song has like an 80’s synthesized vibe to it that I just loved.  The song itself is kinda…loose lol.  If you listen you’ll know what I mean….

2.  Love You Long Time– Yay, appreciation for the fellas!  lol 

I got a real good dude and he love me a lot and ain’t no other man is gon’ take his spot and I….I’m so happy you’re mine.  So Imma love you a long time♫

Has a nice lil bit of a reggae feel to it as well (which may be the reason why I like it).  It’s like a hip hop reggae vibe…nice song.

3.  Excuse Me – In an interview, Jazmine actually said she and Missy (Elliot) are really fighting for this to be the next single because it shows a different side to her than her other singles that are a lot of  “I’m mad, you did me wrong, so I’m gonna bust yo’ windows.”  This song is very soft and vulnerable, speaking about how much she appreciates the man in her life.  It’s a very nice ballad and of course Jazmine blows on the track!  And…I actually found an audio for you guys!  Yay!  Not the best quality but I hope it gives you guys a taste and leaves you hungry for more.

(can’t embed but click on the link and listen on youtube 🙂 )

For First Impressions, I definitely have to give Jazmine a 10/10.  This is an amazing 2nd album.  She already has a Grammy nom for “Holding You Down”.  She deserves all the success that’s coming to her 🙂  Get the album people! 🙂

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Love and God Bless,

– T


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