Brrrr! It’s COLD out there! ~ Merona by Target Cold Weather Haul

Yeah….Winter has definitely arrived in the DMV.  And I was caught totally unprepared!  No scarves, gloves, hats…smh.  A hot mess.  I had to borrow from my little sister, that’s how bad it was.

So this past Friday I hit up Target (LOVE the Merona collection, it’s so fabulous), and got some things that I really needed.  The weather already has me with this cold so….yeah.  Gotta get bundled up.

Here comes the HAUL!

1.  Women’s Merona Hooded Muffler Scarf with Pockets
When I saw this in the store, this is actually the first thing I picked up because it’s like an all in one.  It’s pretty much a scarf with a hood and pockets:  Hat, scarf, and gloves all in one!  Had to have it! 🙂

2.  Women’s Merona Basic Black Gloves
Basically the name speaks for itself lol.  These gloves are very warm and…shiney lol.

 Product Image Women's Merona® Basic Gloves - Black

3.  Merona Crochet Beret
I liked this hat better than the other ones I saw in the store.  Crochet is apparently the new thing.  A hip twist to what your grandma got started (random shout out to Ambrosia @

Product Image Merona® Crochet Beret - Black

4.  Merona Allover Paisley Wrap
This scarf was the prettiest thing I ever did see.  Purple and all.  and it’s actually very warm and I’m sure I can use it in multiple ways and over multiple seasons.  I’m excited about this one!

Product Image Merona® Allover Paisley Wrap - Eggplant

And now I’m ready to go out and brave the winter weather!  Stay warm out there you guys!

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Love and God Bless,

– T


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