Post Psych Ramblings: Attention Reception Scale

Came up with this randomly while studying for my Psych shelf and discussing things with some of my close friends on Sabbath evening.

Not sure if this has been published already…but hey.  If anything, you heard it here FIRST!  So here we go.

So I’ve noticed that there is a range of how people receive attention.  In my opinion.  So I came up with a scale.


0 to 10

0 = Those individuals that cringe at the thought of being noticed, hate being the center of attention, and would rather pretty much be invisible than have anyone recognize them for anything.

5 = These are the people in the middle.  They don’t go looking for attention, but they definitely will not shy away from it when it’s given to them.  these people enjoy the attention while it lasts.

10 = These are what would be the so-called (and excuse my language) “attention whores”.  They LIVE for the spotlight and love being the center of attention.  They will make everything about them if it’s the last thing they do, no matter how inappropriate.

So where am I on the scale?  I would say probably a 5 or a 6.  This was actually brought to my attention (a lot of attention in this post…) by one of my close friends and I had to agree with him.  I am really that type of person.

Where are you on the ARS?  Leave your comments below to share what it is and why, and tell me what you think about my “new discovery” lol.  As always…

Love and God Bless,

– T


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