First Impressions: Sennheiser Headphones

Quick and dirty post.  Really…I’m just trying to sneak in a blog for you guys!  USMLE World just kicked my butt I needed some relief so….blogging it is!!! lol

So one of my good friends at school was raving to me about this brand of headphones that she borrowed from another med school friend of ours.  The way she described em, you woulda thought they were the best thing since sliced bread (and they kinda are lol).  And since I was in the market for a new set of headphones (my earbuds are CONSTANTLY hurting my ear canal, all puttin me at risk for otitis externa and crap…lol), I decided to do some research and check em out.

Apparently, Sennheiser, is a German company that specializes in making quality audio products (headphones, headsets, microphones, etc.).  They are supposed to be of excellent quality and help enhance your music experience.

The higher end ones are pretty expensive but the handy dandy WALMART sells them as well (according to my girlfriend that owns them) so of course I had to check it out.  So I went online and found this pair for only $25.74.


Ordered them online and FINALLY got em yesterday and yall.  These headphones are AMAZING!!!!  I’m listening to music I’ve listened to like a million times before and I’m hearing instruments that I’ve never heard before.  Background innuendos that I’ve never heard before.  And the BASS is like outta this world!  PLUS they are SUPER DUPER comfortable.  I would definitely encourage anyone of you out there to check these bad boys OUT!  Cuz they are the truth….”FO’ REAL” *w/ Antoine Dodson head tilt* 🙂

Definitely giving these bad boys a 10/10 for First ImpressionsCan’t wait to use these over and over again for music and studying.  Love em!

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Love and God Bless,

– T


8 thoughts on “First Impressions: Sennheiser Headphones

  1. Ooooh, I’m heated! I typed up a good little paragraph and then my computer froze up and I lost what I typed! But anyways, I was basically saying that I am big on headphones too. That is one thing I don’t skimp on. I did a good amount of research before I bought my last two pairs of headphones. I have the Koss PortaPros, which are critically acclaimed. The design has been around since the 80s and has remained unchanged because of the quality of the sound reproduction from these headphones. They were mentioned in several top 10 headphone lists that I saw (like this one;contentNav). You can do a search if you’d like, but this is one particular article I recall reading when I was researching headphones:
    I believe, also, that they are the most reviewed headphones on

    The cool thing about them also, is that they come with a lifetime gaurantee. Good thing too, cuz not very long after I bought them, one of the ears went out! Hate when that happens! That’s why I hold onto receipts for my electronics, especially headphones! For some reason, the darn things always fail you! lol Anyways, the sound quality was pretty good, but not earth-shattering in my opinion. But people were saying the same thing about these headphones as you are about yours, as far as hearing things you never heard before. Anyways, I shoulda been sent mine back, but just haven’t I just pulled them out of my drawer, so I’ll see if I have the time to mail em back this week.

    2nd headphones: Sony XB500. I wasn’t a fan of Sony headphones, because back when I did skimp on headphones and bought Sonys, the sound volume and quality were subpar. This is why I was pleasantly surprised and impressed when I saw and tried the tester set at Best Buy. The bass on these hit HARD, but it’s clean! The mids and highs are all clear and satisfying as well. Music sounds really good in these. They have never disappointed. And the earpads are the MOST COMFORTABLE earpads you have ever fealt, I promise you that!

    I’ll say this though…the last time I went to Best Buy, they had some Sennheisers, which are known for thier quality in headphones, and I was testing them out with one of the tester mp3 players. They had my Sonys there too, so I was going back and forth between the two headphones, and truth is: the Sennheisers sounded less muffled and clearer, like the equalizer was set evenly as opposed to the Sonys, which, due to different tuning where the superior bass output kinda overwhelms the mids and highs, it simply didn’t sound and clean and natural as the Sennheisers. But it’s just a difference in tuning. And really, unless you are directly comparing the two, you wont be disappointed in either of them, independent of each other. I thought I noted the model of the headphones in my phone, but I guess I didn’t. Are the ones in the picture above the ones you own? And seriously, if I can’t find a tested model, you HAVE TO let me hear them some time. Until then, I’ma find out the model I tried, cuz those were pretty nice. I would use those perhaps moreso for my non hip-hop music, but the hip-hop will definetely be heard with the Sonys.

    And I know, I went on a bit of a rant. Pardon the length. 🙂

    • Larwin, you should write a blog. Or do this on your youtube channel too lol. If you haven’t already. I think people would like it! And thanks for the insight 🙂

      • Wow! I was just about to inform you on your fb page that you have a new blog comment. lol My life is too boring for a blog. lol I think people would quickly grow tired of it. I’ve really abandoned my youtube channel, though even today I said I would post a video or two. I swear, this week will not expire without me posting a atleast two videos. I got a lot to say. Oh, and I have some new suggestions for female perfumes! 🙂 I’ll let you know when I post that video! 🙂

  2. Tonasha, is the model in the picture above the same as the ones you own? I just looked at those on google’s product page, and they have EIGHT HUNDRED + reviews, with an average rating of 4/5 stars. My Sonys have a 4.5/5 rating, but were only reviewed by 97 people. The PortaPros actually average 5/5 out of 78 reviews. Impressive…

  3. Hate to spam ya, but…
    On Amazon, my PortaPros have 833 reviews with a 4.5/5 rating, the Sony’s have the same rating with 113 reviews, and the Sennheiser hd202’s have an IMPRESSIVE 4.3 ratings out of 1472 reviews! Ok…I may have to buy a pair of these badboys! lol I just know it’s not gonna compare to my Sonys in terms of bass output though! 😉

  4. Oh ok. I was reading some of the reviews, and some people said the bass wasn’t that good and that you had to turn your music system quite high to get good volume outta them. Is this true? I’m presently looking at some of the higher end Sennheisers prices at around $50. I may get em for Lauren, since both her and Laretha stay borrowing my Sonys! But that way, I can test em out for myself too. OR…I can get em for ME, and if I like em more than the Sonys, I’ll give her the Sonys. 😉

  5. Btw: due to this blog, I’ve been listening to music for about an hour now wth my Sonys, and I must say: I I love these headphones! lol I ain’t giving these suckas up for nothin! lol I have my mp3 player on random, and EVERYTHING sounds nice, from hip-hop (which I haven’t really listened to in a long long time) to slow songs, and everything in between! 🙂

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