1,000 Views + 100 Followers = FIRST GIVEAWAY

Hey Guys!  So I’m pretty excited BECAUSE according to my official “Site Stats” for my blog (not the counter that you guys see in the corner, but another one lol) My blog has had 941 views to date and that’s totally amazing to me!  I’m so glad that people are actually enjoying what i have to say in this thing lol.  So in honor of the rapidly approaching big 1,000th VIEW, I have decided to plan my very FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!!  Yaaaay!  So here’s the details.

This is a giveaway celebrating all of my readers and followers.  Once I reach BOTH 1,000 views & 100 followers on the blog I will do this giveaway.  So here are the official rules/eligibility criteria:

ONE winner will receive: A SURPRISE Gift from yours truly, Miss T 🙂  And I promise it’ll be something that both my ladies and my fellas can appreciate 🙂
There will be 1 winner
*CONTEST ENDS whenever I have reached my 1,000th view AND 100th follower (so this might actually take a while).  So if you want this to hurry up, SPREAD THE WORD! lol*

The Rules:
Winner must reside in the United States of America
Winner must be 18 years & older OR have the permission of their legal guardian if under 18
Winner must be a follower of the blog “To A T”  (click HERE and then on the blue FOLLOW button on the right side of the page]

To Enter:
*Leave a comment to this post stating the following:
    – Name
    – Email
    – Share your favorite thing about the “To A T” blog and what you’d like to see more of or improvements on.
**Note: Entries that do not adhere to these rules and guidelines will not be considered. Winner will be randomly selected.**
So ENTER Guys!  Who doesn’t like FREE STUFF? lol.  I love you all and thanks for making the blog such a success so far.  You guys definitely inspire me to continue sharing 🙂
Love and God Bless,
– T

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