God is working even now ~ P&W: The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Hello my people!!!!  How I’ve missed you sooooo!  LOL 

Yeah I feel like I definitely haven’t been on here in a while….but that’s the life of a student Doctor 🙂

On this beautiful Sabbath morning, I’ve just had this song on my heart, which says:

God is working
He’s still working
God is working even now
Though we often don’t know just how
God is working even now

And it’s sooooo true!  Sometimes we see only a piece of the puzzle when God just has this amazing tapestry in the works from behind the scenes.  Mm mm mm. 

The song is absolutely awesome and sung by the AMAZING Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

The video I found also features another song “All the Way to Calvary”, (church was gettin down! lol).  So I hope you like that as well (don’t laugh at Pastor Cymbalta tryna dance…off beat as he may be.  Praise Him! lol).  But if you would like to skip forward to the actual song God is Working, it begins at the 1:44 mark.

Love and God Bless,

– T


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