HotTT featuring: Paris Bennett

** Sorry for not posting the poll for this week’s HotTT post. Just been extra busy with this Peds rotation…but that’s a whole other post lol. Hope you guys like today’s feature anyways! ūüôā **

Today’s featured Hot Track¬†is coming to us courtesy of¬†the lovely Paris Bennett.

¬†Just a little background, I was first¬†introduced to Ms. Paris on the 5th Season of American Idol (you know, back when the show was actually good and I watched it, yeah, way back then).¬† She was my favorite from her very first audition.¬† Her voice is AMAZING!¬† But yall know how America’s votes go sometimes (need I remind you of Miss Tamyra Gray…still salty about THAT ūüė¶¬† lol).

Anyways, Paris is also the daughter of¬†Jamecia Venzett Bennett, who was a member of Sounds of Blackness back in the day, and the great Ann Nesby, the lead singer of Sounds of Blackness.¬† So long story short, this girl has talent running through her veins (and arteries… I never understood why they’ve never included arteries in this saying; arteries carry blood too…anyways).

So I wanted to share a hot track from her debut album, Princess P which came out back in 2007 (yup, I bought it, hard copy from Target back in ’07).¬†

Duet (ft. J. Isaac)
This track in itself is just absolutely beautiful.¬† I love the concept, the words, the voices are awesome.¬† They can sing!¬† They blend so beautifully together too, like a true “Duet”.¬†¬†¬† LOL It’s funny though cuz near the end of the song they start saying names of singers who’ve done famous duets.¬† I dunno ’bout that Ike and Tina or Rick James and Tina Marie though… but oh how they did make beautiful music together ( ‚ô™ Fiyah and desiyah!!! ‚ô™ eh-em).¬† Enjoy! ūüôā

Until next Tuesday.

Love and God Bless,

– T


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