First Impressions: Love God.Love People. ~ P&W: Israel Houghton

I am SO glad that one of my good friends invited me to go to a praise and worship session last night led by none other than Israel Houghton.  It was definitely the perfect way to open the Sabbath for me.  Like I said on my Facebook page, he is truly blessed with the gift to set the atmosphere of Praise and Worship for God’s people.  It was awesome.  Plus it was FREE-HEE!  AND I left with a free copy of his newest album Love God.Love People (thanks homie! lol).

In light of that, I decided to do a combined First Impressions and Praise and Worship post to share with you guys my favorite songs from the album.  First some background.

Apparently, Israel went to all the way to other side, aka London, to record this album at Abbey Road.  And you can kinda tell because some of the songs have that kinda European/techno sound (as was brought to my attention last night lol) that a lot of artists are doing now (both secular and Christian) that appeals to the masses.  It’s definitely a bit different for Israel, yet still classic Israel.  He’s just blessed like that *shrug* 🙂

So here are my favorites from the album, just on first listen.  Giving yall my top 3 🙂

1.  Yahweh (The Lifter)
Just the composition of the song in itself is pure tightness.  Then add the message/words of the song, it’s an instant hit.  Love it.

2.  That’s Why I Love You
Right off the bat, I absolutely loved the feel of this song.  And the message is one that we all know and hold dear, “That’s why I love you, because you first loved me.”

3.  Love Rev
This song speaks the truth!  And the music makes me wanna two step…just a lil bit. 🙂

I love the album.  I hope you guys get a chance to check it out.

Love and God Bless,

– T


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