HotTT featuring: Alicia Keys

Alright!  Thanks to whoever voted for this young lady to be featured today!

Today’s HotTT feature is the lovely and talented Alicia Keys, since she stepped onto the scene with Girlfriend and the song everybody knows, Fallin’, A. Keys has been a force to be reckoned with.  Not only is she a great singer but her ability to tickle that ivory has been one of her biggest strengths in this industry.  She’s awesome on that bad boy.

The three songs that I will be featuring today are some of my favorites from her (duh! lol)

1.  Diary

2. You Don’t Know My Name
The video for this tells such a nice lil love story.  And Mos Def mos definitely spiced things up just a lil bit.  And the song tells a story that I/we can relate to all too well lol

3.  Like You’ll Never See me again
Again, the video for this is awesome.  She has some of the BEST leading men in her videos I tell ya.  So sad though 😦 You betta cherish the one you have before they’re GONE.

Hope you guys liked today’s feature.  I’ll be posting the new poll a little bit later.  Adios!

Love and God Bless,

– T


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