“I miss my time with you” ~ P&W: Larnelle Harris

So yeah, definitely woke up this morning and heard God speaking to me yet again.  That’s the thing about waking up “early” (I put that in quotes because my early is different from the rest of the world’s definition…lol) and with your mind at peace…..

He said to me simply, “I miss my time with you…”.  And I heard it loud and clear.  He misses spending time with me…

I get so busy with school, friends and fam, and even being “busy trying to serve [Him]” that I sometimes forget to just stop and talk to Him, listen to His voice, and just….be in His presence.  And frankly, I miss my time with Him too 😦

Self:  C’mon son, we got to do better.  Imma need you to get it together and do something about that…

And this song says it all.  Larnelle Harris is the truth man.  His voice is amazing and his songs are nothing less.  Hope you take the time to listen 🙂

Have a blessed week yall (and Columbus Day if you have it off.  Like ME!  Yeah!!! 🙂 )

Love and God Bless,

– T


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