HELP! Straight or A Bun?

Yup, that’s right guys, I need your help again.  And I know it’s super last minute but I really can’t decide. 

I was originally planning on flat ironing my hair to wear it straight with the second birthday dress seen HERE .  However, I started thinking more about it (as I’m reading about newborn screening for PKU…smh); I started thinking that maybe pulling my newly colored hair just back into a slick bun would allow the outfit and make up look to stand out there on its own.  But then again, I also think that flat ironing my hair would highlight my highlights in such a way that could potentially complement the look very nicely as well.  So, do you guys see my predicament (half of you are probably like…I don’t care; Is it that deep? lol) 

But yeah, for those of you that are interested and would like to help, please hit up the poll below and leave comments to let me know what  you think the better option is and why.

Muchas Gracias peeps.

Love and God Bless,

– T


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