HotTT featuring: Stevie Wonder

Well, it was actually a tie between Stevie Wonder and Corinne Bailey Rae.  But in the event that such a tie is reached, the author of this blog holds the right to make the final decision.  Hopefully next time it won’t be so tight of a race lol.

Stevie Wonder, the younger Ray Charles, so to speak, is definitely one of my FAVORITE artists.  His music truly transcends time and in my eyes will always be applicable.  It was REALLY hard for me to narrow down my choices for today’s HotTT pick so…I had to go ahead and pick two 🙂

1.  Overjoyed
This really has to be my all time favorite song by Stevie Wonder.  It’s so romantic, and I’m a sucker for all that mushy, fall in love, yadda yadda yadda type of stuff.  Awesome song 🙂

2.  Happy Birthday
And of course I had to pick this one!  Not just because today is my birthday (YAAAAAY!).  But also because of what this song represents.  Not only has it become an international phenomenon in celebrating people’s birthdays, but initially Stevie Wonder made this song to help promote the institution of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday as a national holiday, something that Stevie was very passionate about.  And well…the rest is history!  ♪♫ Happy Birthday to Ya! ♫♪

And as always, don’t forget to VOTE for next week’s HotTT feature.  The poll is now up!

Til next week…

Love and God Bless,

– T


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