T-Money: Week 1

Budget amount for the week:  $250 (+ Emergency Fund and School Stuff) + $32 (from returned MAC purchase) = $282
I spent:  $282 (+ $65 used from School Stuff fund)
I Saved:  $0 this week
Total Budget Remaining = $3,655 ($32 from returned purchase not included in difference)

Bad news though.  I accidentally broke the fashion-fast!  Seriously, it all happened so fast, I didn’t even think about it till like half an hour later.  I bought a headband to go with my birthday outfit.  It’s totally cute!  But it’s an ACCESSORY!  Yeah, I probably should’ve returned it but the deed was already done 😦 You guys…this is really harder than I thought!  I bought an accessory without it even registering that I’d broken the fast! *SMH!*

But have no fear!  I will not be defeated!  I am still continuing the fast and the budget plan.  Just because I slipped up once does NOT mean I’ve failed the entire mission.  It’s only a failure if I stay down about it and continue to slip up.  So yeah…On to the next week!  We got this! 🙂

Love and God Bless,

– T


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