I REALLY Love Every Sabbath ~ P&W: Cece Winans and Whitney Houston

Yesterday at my church, we had Communion Service along with the regular service.  I was SUPER excited because one of my favorite ladies came to sing!  Her voice is just AMAZING!  She pretty much just SAAANGS!  Not doing too much with a whole lot of runs or anything; she just allows the beautiful voice she’s been blessed with to be used by God to minister to His people.  Whooo!  I swear if she’s still around here when I’m privileged get married, she WILL be singing at my wedding!

But on to the topic at hand.  The two songs she sang were absolutely beautiful and the messages so absolutely timely.

1.  CeCe Winans – “Alabaster Box”
This is a song that will NEVER get old.  Based on the story of the woman (who many Bible Scholars believe to be Mary Magdalene) who came to Jesus while he was dining at the home of Simon (a Pharisee that Jesus had healed from leprosy) and anointed his feet with an expensive perfume in an alabaster jar, this song by CeCe is simply beautiful and heart-felt.  And it’s something that all of us as Christians or just human beings in general can relate too.  And when I found this video while searching for one to post, I thought it was an absolute perfect fit.

2.  Whitney Houston – “In Return”
Honestly, I’m not really sure who sings the original version of this (there’s one by Crystal Lewis, one by CeCe, and one by Whitney.  I believe that CeCe did it first though since the album with her version was put out in 1990…).  But the version that the young lady sang yesterday was BOMB!  That should be a recording!  Whitney’s version was the closest/only version I could find lol.  But man…love this song.

So yes peeps, continue to give Him all you have and He will continue giving you all that you need and your heart may desire…

Love and God Bless,

– T


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