HotTT featuring: Beyonce

Yes people, this week’s HotTT feature is Ms. Beyonce.  Love her or hate her, you must admit that the girl never ceases to produce hot tracks (don’t even act like you never got down to “Crazy In Love” or “Single Ladies”).  She really is the #1 Chick in the game right now, no matter how we may feel about her lol.

That said, the two tracks I wanted to feature from her really are two of my favorites (I have a lot as usual but these have both the words and the music being just right for me as well).

Flaws and All
This song, seriously, I hope I get to sing at my own wedding reception one day.  I gotta get that voice together though cuz….can’t be goin’ around singing a Beyonce song and not be on it lol.  It’s pure honesty, she’s pretty much exposing her imperfections and realizing that “he” loves her despite them all (like we don’t know who “he” is; makin it ALL obvious in the video…lol ANYWAYS).  Love it.

Scared of Lonely
The music, the words, fit together flawlessly to me in this song.  And it’s a real thing man.  Loneliness can make people do some CRAZY things!  Especially when they’re afraid of it.  My favorite song by far off her most recent album.

So guys, I realized I’m gonna need your help with this HotTT series! lol  Seriously I have like, a million songs I wanna feature.  I’ll end up starting a post and then adding something else cuz I think it’s better.  So what I’m gonna do, each week with the new HotTT feature I’ll post a poll so you guys can choose from a list of artists that you’d like to see featured on the blog in the HotTT series.  I still get to choose which songs though…lol.  So here’s the poll for next week (I’ll try to post it in the sidebar as well if I can figure that out…lol)

Which artist do you want featured in next week’s HotTT post?



See yall next week!

Love and God Bless,

– T 


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