Super Quick Post: MAC Bad news and Good news

So like I said before, I needed to re-stock up on my MAC Mineralize Foundation with SPF 15.  Well the  BAD NEWS is when I went to my local Macy’s MAC counter, guess what?  They didn’t have my shade in stock! 😦

But the GOOD NEWS is, the  MAC consultant actually dropped some knowledge on me (or maybe she just really wanted to make a sale, either way she got me lol).  So after asking about what kind of skin I had she actually mentioned the foundation I was using before (I’ve only gone through this one compact btw) wasn’t the best for my skin type (oily skin as I mentioned before).  She explained to me that the MAC Mineralize foundation is actually very moisturizing and actually gives you a dewy appearance after application (which I can say from experience is 100% accurate) and is therefore best for people with dry skin.  She then went on to recommend the MAC Studio Tech Foundation which is water-based, contains Mica and Silica (which as I mentioned before are good for their oil absorbing properties), and allows for buildable light to full coverage and is supposed to give a pretty natural finish (that’s always kinda funny to me, natural but you’re wearing make up…lol).  It’s a cream to powder foundation as well so that’s pretty cool.  And online it says that it’s non-acnegenic, based on dermatologist testing, and safe for contact lens wearers.  Sounds perfect for me 🙂 .  The product is shown here:

MAC Studio Tech Foundation in NW45

So yeah guys, I’ll have to see how this stuff works for me and of course I will be letting you guys know as well 🙂

Love and God Bless,

– T


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