Make-Up: My Faves (Part 2: The Eyes and Lips)

(Continued from Part 1:  The Face)

***Disclaimer:  To the best of my knowledge, I have no affiliation with any of the companies associated with these products and have purchased them all with my own money.  I have no obligations to any of them; just sharing what’s been working for me so far 🙂


Now, I can’t even lie.  Up to almost a year ago, I had never heard of eyeshadow primer.  But seriously, for me it really does increase the vibrance of my eyeshadow colors AND the longevity for the duration of the day.  I actually have two favorites.

e.l.f. Mineral Eye Shadow Primer

This bad by only costs $3 and it does a heck of a good job!  I really have no complaints.  The only reason I tried the next brand was because I got it as a free sample from Sephora and it was the bomb as well.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden

Now this one cost $18.  I’ve never bought it but I’m kinda considering based on the sample I have.  The reason is, you can use this on its own if you’re just tryna highlight your eyes and add some mascara and call it a day.  Or you can use it as “prescribed” as an eyeshadow primer and it seriously does what it’s supposed to do.  I like it a lot but the price is kinda…I dunno.  I do like it a lot though.

Eye Shadows
Now, when I first started wearing eyeshadows I would just go pick up the little individual colors from the drugstore or wherever.  But once I discovered that there was such a thing as palettes, it was a wrap for that!  So I’ve found that the best time to get these palettes (unless you just hit up Coastal Scents for their palettes, I haven’t tried them but I heard pigmentation and quality is good for the price and like 88 colors), if you’re thinking Sephora or Ulta is during Christmas time.  Every year, Sephora comes out with a Palette that comes with a HUGE selection of eye shadow colors, creme eyeliners, blushes, bronzer, brow highlights, and lip glosses.  So I DEFINITELY got one last Christmas and it is still going strong.  I still haven’t tried out every color in the palette and even the ones I’ve tried, let’s just say I probably won’t even be buying a new palette this year from them because I have SO MUCH left.  Good pigmentation, great color selection.  I love it. 

SEPHORA COLLECTION Ultimate Blockbuster Palette

And they always improve the palette based on the feedback from customers.  The one they have for this year looks AWESOME as well.  Check it out if you’re interested.

SEPHORA CLLECTION Endless Color Blockbuster

I’ve never been good with eyeliner, especially liquid eyeliner.  My hands just suck when it comes to the precision of this.  BUT discovering creme eyeliner is one of the best things ever.  This one is cheap, and AWESOME.  Stays on ALL DAY LONG.  No joke!  And I love the brush it comes with a lot as well.

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in 886 (Black)

My favorite mascara right now is actually a drug store brand, Maybelline.  And I love it.  I have pretty long lashes already (thanks Mommy, Daddy, and God!) so this just really enhances them and my eyes even more.

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara in Very Black

I absolutely love the brush on this bad boy.  And the volumizing effect is pretty nice too.


Gotta have this stuff.  It smells AWESOME and contains shea butter and vitamin E to help soothe and soften the lips.  And ladies, you know how we are when it comes to soft lips 😉 (LOL)

eos Lip Balm in Summer Fruit

As far as gloss is concerned, I’ll wear pretty much ANYTHING that compliments my skin tone or the specific look I’m going for.  But as far as everyday wear, and my fave, this would have to be it.

e.l.f. Hypershine Gloss in Blossom

And that’s pretty much it peoples!  Hope you found this series interesting.  Lata!

Love and God Bless,

– T


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