Weekly Wash #2: The Relaxer 10 weeks-post

Hey Everyone!  So earlier this week I randomly realized that it had been 10 weeks since my last relaxer.  What actually brought it to my attention was the amount of new-growth I was getting AND the fact that my roots were getting a bit more difficult to detangle.  So when I checked the date…whaddya know.  It was about that time.

So I went to my trusty Dominican salon (I LOVE them.  I am probably not gonna change from them unless something horrible goes wrong with my hair.  I switched it up ONCE and that was a disaster…) and they hooked me up 🙂

Pics the Day of

Pic the next day…

Man, I love those Dominicans….can’t go too often though cuz that heat is not a joke.  So yeah, this is the final result!  May actually be going back in about two weeks to get something special done in honor of my birthday (^_^).  Until then,

Love and God Bless,

– T


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