Another Mini Haul (not quite so Cheap-o :-)

Hey Guys!  So I recently got some stuff from Forever21 and Zara and figured I’d show it to you guys 🙂

Two of the things (one dress each from Forever21 and Zara) are discussed in my Workin’ on My Birthday Suit post.  And here are the rest 🙂

Besides the dress I got for my birthday, I also got this pretty little number. 

If I get to go see Esperanza Spalding in concert, might wear this bad boy with a belt I got from Charlotte Russe a little while ago (btw, what does one wear to an ES concert???).  This dress actually didn’t come with the belt as shown.  But it was still really nice 🙂

Then at Forever21 I had to get some plaid/flannel shirts because…I think they are so adorable!  Especially with jeans…lovely.  So here’s what I got.


Thinking about pairing this with the jeans I recently got (see post I’m a Cheap-O:  Mini Haul) and a belt for the pants and either some flats or some heels, depending on where I’m headed.
Definitely thinking about pairing these with some white skinny jeans and possibly a skinny black belt at the waist and a pair of flats.
Really liked this white shirt.  And I actually like how they styled it with these other pieces:
But I dunno if I’d be brave enough to try it.  So we’ll see lol.
And that’s it for now guys!  Hopefully I won’t be doing any more shopping until Christmastime/After-christmas sales.  I need to clean out my closet and send some of my “old” stuff to the fam in GT.  Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this little haul 🙂
Love and God Bless,
– T

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