Workin’ on my Birthday Suit ;-)

Get yo’ mind out the gutter!  Geez, some people I sware…

So my 22nd birthday is coming up in a little less than a month (YAY!).  And I’m definitely gonna continue my b’day tradition with a little twist.

What b’day tradition you ask?  Well I’m glad you did 🙂 

Usually every year for my birthday, as funds allow, I get a new birthday dress.  And this year is no exceptionHowever, here’s the twist:  since I’m turning 22, I’m gonna get TWO dresses (get it?  2 for the double 2, 22?  No?…okay…). 

One will be the usual, which is a dress for the Sabbath following my actual birthday.  The other one will be for hanging out/going out/going to dinner for my actual birth-day/night (providing I’m not on call or anything…Oh Peds…).  And I’ve actually already found both of them, yay! 

Wanna see?

You sure?


Here they are:

Twelve by Twelve dress from Forever21

Check out the zipper details…

This one I will most likely wear out to dinner with my friends.  I like it because it’s really unique and I really don’t have anything like it.  I’ll probably pair this with my black pleather booties that I got from Charlotte Russe; the material’s actually similar to that of the belt on this dress.  Maybe I’ll make some posts on how these dresses look when I actually wear them*shrug*. 

Now on to the Sabbath-after-birthday dress.

Zara Leopard Print Dress

I absolutely love this dress!  I saw it and I knew it was THE ONE lol.  I’m gonna pair it with some fishnets (possibly) and my pair of 4-inch-heeled suede booties that I’ve had for a minute (definitely) to kinda set off the velvet detail in the bow at the waist.  Love it.

Definitely excited to see how the looks will turn out.  Hopefully, I’ll do another post after I wear these to celebrate my bday.  Until another post…

Love and God Bless,

– T


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