I’m a Cheap-O: Mini Haul

Yup, that’s right.  I would definitely consider myself a cheap-o.  Well, at least when it comes to certain things.  If you asked my mother, she would say, “Gyal, you gon’ have to become a doctuh cuz you have expensive taste.”  But I mean…I know where to skimp my dollahs. 

With that said.  I wanted to share a “mini haul” with you guys.  I like watching little haul vids on youtube and different blogs.  I almost feel as if I went shopping, without actually having done so…lol. 

Another thing about me, I usually tend to go shopping online.  Mostly because…I usually don’t have time to go browsing around in a store (even though places like Ross, even though it takes time to sift through you find some NICE stuff for VERY reasonable prices) and online, you can usually find selections that aren’t always available in the store. 

With that said, I got a couple of things from two online sites that were having pretty good sales in my opinion and just wanted to let you guys see what I got 🙂 

1.  Dereon
Now, I have never bought anything from Dereon before this.  Wait, I’m lying, I bought a pair of sneakers from a store when they were having a Christmas sale.  Very cute, I still have ’em, good condition too.  Anyways, never bought CLOTHES then I should say lol.  The main reason being, I REFUSE to go paying $50+ for one item of clothing that’s not for church or some special occasion.  Hecks to the no.  But I guess they’re trying to make room for the new fall/winter items, which means CLEARANCE!  Yay!  So here’s what I got:

Frenchy Palace Skinny Jean 
Frenchy Palace Skinny Jean

 Originally $69.00 / On Sale for $24.97
Queen Ruffle Woven Dress
Queen Ruffle Woven Dress Original $69.00 / On Sale for $24.98

 2.  Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe is really becoming one of my favorite places to shop, especially for shoes.  Their stuff is typically already reasonably priced originally.  Then when they have a sale it’s like, pretty great lol.  Online, they are having a “Buy one get the second pair for $10” sale on all shoes (including boots).  And since I was actually thinking about getting some new boots for the upcoming fall/winter seasons, I had to cash in 🙂

Studded Motorcycle Boot
Studded Motorcycle BootSince this one was the more expensive of the two, I had to pay the full $50.00 😦 . But since I got this next pair for $10 it kinda balanced out to being $30/pair of boots.  Not terrible…

Over the Knee Back Sash Boots
Over The Knee Back Sash Boots
Originally $42.50 / On sale for $10 (cha-ching!)

These offers are still going on so check them out if you’re interested. I’m happy with all of my savings 🙂 

Love and God Bless, 

– T



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