HotTT featuring: Aaliyah and Michael Jackson

Our first Hot Trax Tuesday post!  Yay! I actually had to go on and break my own rule about one artist per post since this is a special post being that it’s the first.

And I figured what better way to start this series off than by paying tribute to two of music’s biggest stars who were laid to rest before their time:  one of R&B’s greatest,  Aaliyah and the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson.  Many around the world recently commemorated the 9th anniversary and 1 year anniversery (respectively) of Aaliyah and MJ’S very untimely deaths.  She was indeed at the top of her game, steadily rising higher, and he was truly a living legend who nobody could touch as music’s number one performer.  Definitely a great way to start the series.  Now on to the trax 🙂

1.  Aaliyah – Journey to the Past
I remember the first time a friend of mine introduced me to this song.  I fell in love with it instantly.  If yall remember, this song was on the soundtrack for the movie Anastasia and Aaliyah’s voice was just awesome on this song.  Truly one of my favorites from her (and I have A LOT of favorites lol).  The message of the song is what I really enjoy the most.  One of perseverence and resilience on this life’s trying journey.  Love it.

 2.  Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror
Now yall know, this song is the truth and the video is even more so the truth.  And need I even mention the tribute performance by Chris Breezy at the 10th Annual BET awards??? * sigh * Go on, just go ahead and put your lighters up for this one.

I think that was an awesome start to this series 🙂 . Until next Tuesday.

Love and God Bless,

– T


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