HotTT featuring: Aaliyah and Michael Jackson

Our first Hot Trax Tuesday post!  Yay! I actually had to go on and break my own rule about one artist per post since this is a special post being that it’s the first.

And I figured what better way to start this series off than by paying tribute to two of music’s biggest stars who were laid to rest before their time:  one of R&B’s greatest,  Aaliyah and the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson.  Many around the world recently commemorated the 9th anniversary and 1 year anniversery (respectively) of Aaliyah and MJ’S very untimely deaths.  She was indeed at the top of her game, steadily rising higher, and he was truly a living legend who nobody could touch as music’s number one performer.  Definitely a great way to start the series.  Now on to the trax 🙂

1.  Aaliyah – Journey to the Past
I remember the first time a friend of mine introduced me to this song.  I fell in love with it instantly.  If yall remember, this song was on the soundtrack for the movie Anastasia and Aaliyah’s voice was just awesome on this song.  Truly one of my favorites from her (and I have A LOT of favorites lol).  The message of the song is what I really enjoy the most.  One of perseverence and resilience on this life’s trying journey.  Love it.

 2.  Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror
Now yall know, this song is the truth and the video is even more so the truth.  And need I even mention the tribute performance by Chris Breezy at the 10th Annual BET awards??? * sigh * Go on, just go ahead and put your lighters up for this one.

I think that was an awesome start to this series 🙂 . Until next Tuesday.

Love and God Bless,

– T


I’m a Cheap-O: Mini Haul

Yup, that’s right.  I would definitely consider myself a cheap-o.  Well, at least when it comes to certain things.  If you asked my mother, she would say, “Gyal, you gon’ have to become a doctuh cuz you have expensive taste.”  But I mean…I know where to skimp my dollahs. 

With that said.  I wanted to share a “mini haul” with you guys.  I like watching little haul vids on youtube and different blogs.  I almost feel as if I went shopping, without actually having done so…lol. 

Another thing about me, I usually tend to go shopping online.  Mostly because…I usually don’t have time to go browsing around in a store (even though places like Ross, even though it takes time to sift through you find some NICE stuff for VERY reasonable prices) and online, you can usually find selections that aren’t always available in the store. 

With that said, I got a couple of things from two online sites that were having pretty good sales in my opinion and just wanted to let you guys see what I got 🙂 

1.  Dereon
Now, I have never bought anything from Dereon before this.  Wait, I’m lying, I bought a pair of sneakers from a store when they were having a Christmas sale.  Very cute, I still have ’em, good condition too.  Anyways, never bought CLOTHES then I should say lol.  The main reason being, I REFUSE to go paying $50+ for one item of clothing that’s not for church or some special occasion.  Hecks to the no.  But I guess they’re trying to make room for the new fall/winter items, which means CLEARANCE!  Yay!  So here’s what I got:

Frenchy Palace Skinny Jean 
Frenchy Palace Skinny Jean

 Originally $69.00 / On Sale for $24.97
Queen Ruffle Woven Dress
Queen Ruffle Woven Dress Original $69.00 / On Sale for $24.98

 2.  Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe is really becoming one of my favorite places to shop, especially for shoes.  Their stuff is typically already reasonably priced originally.  Then when they have a sale it’s like, pretty great lol.  Online, they are having a “Buy one get the second pair for $10” sale on all shoes (including boots).  And since I was actually thinking about getting some new boots for the upcoming fall/winter seasons, I had to cash in 🙂

Studded Motorcycle Boot
Studded Motorcycle BootSince this one was the more expensive of the two, I had to pay the full $50.00 😦 . But since I got this next pair for $10 it kinda balanced out to being $30/pair of boots.  Not terrible…

Over the Knee Back Sash Boots
Over The Knee Back Sash Boots
Originally $42.50 / On sale for $10 (cha-ching!)

These offers are still going on so check them out if you’re interested. I’m happy with all of my savings 🙂 

Love and God Bless, 

– T


Shout-Outs: My Blogspirations

Hey Everyone!  Hope your work/school/regular week started out on a great foot.  I just wanted to do a quick post to shout out those people that kinda gave me that little push to get back into blogging (unbeknownst to them lol).  I hope you guys check them all out!

(In no particular order)

Soul Rebel  – He’s another med student that’s sharing his thoughts with the http://www.  His posts are diverse as well with different series such as 5 Hot Things, Girl of the Moment, Good Music, Politics, and more!  Check him out.

Natural Chica – If you are a natural girl out there and aren’t familiar with this blog, you musta been under a rock or something for the past year.  Natural Chica is an awesome resource for those long-time naturals, those transitioning to natural hair, and those who recently did their “Big Chop”.  Even though I’m not natural, I’ve been able to learn A LOT from her blog because at the end of the day, principles for keeping your hair healthy are the same regardless of whether it’s natural or relaxed.  She has several special features such as Empresa Spotlight, in which she highlights a business owned by a fellow natural, and FAB TWA, where she highlights different natural chicas rocking their “teeny weeny afros” (TWA).  Definitely worth stopping by 🙂

The Feisty House – I’ve recently started reading these ladies’ blog and they are so chic.  Period.  They are also natural hair ladies and they focus on “Styling Natural Hair From Head to Toe” (love it lol).  So a lot of their posts are about natural hair care and styling along with various fashion topics.  Take a look at their blog and before you know it you’ll have turned into a Feisty (lol)

MD in MD – Yet another med student 🙂  The title of the blog speaks for itself.  He posts on pretty much any and everything and he’s kinda funny, just a lil bit…lol.  No he’s great 🙂

Brand New Day – Even though this guy recently decided to stop blogging, the posts that he’s put up in the past have been on point.  He is (you guessed it) another med student who pretty much keeps it 100% real even as it comes to himself.  His inspirational thoughts and viewpoints on life are very interesting and often random as well lol.  Pretty cool reading.

Protecting Your Crown and Glory – When I first started actually becoming interested in really taking care of my hair, this blog was one that helped me THE MOST.  The creator, Dprincess28, is an author and just enjoys being a girly-girl and I love it.  She does a lot of tutorials on hair, make-up, and even vlogs on her hair woes.  She’s awesome.

Hairlicious Inc. – This lovely lady from Canada is a fellow relaxed lady (yay!  I have company! lol).  She also gives a lot of tips on how to maintain healthy hair.  Her hair journey is amazing.  Her quest was basically to prove that African American women could have long, healthy hair while being relaxed.  And one look at her hair and you will know that she has been quite successful.  I’ve learned a lot from her posts as well.

I hope you guys get to check out my Blogspirations.  They are all unique and I truly appreciate their willingness to share their experiences and thoughts with the world.  Continue doing what you do guys!

Love and God Bless,

– T

Proverbs 4:23 = Today’s Divine Intervention

I’m definitely trying to get some studying in right now but I took a “little break” to go on Facebook and for some reason I got the urge to scroll down my page and look at my “Daily Bible Verse” App (love that thing).  And the verse of the day was so applicable to me, it was crazy.  Still small voice maybe….  Here’s what it said:

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” – Proverbs 4:23

This text taken in the context of the entire fourth Chapter of Proverbs was just a nugget of the advice being given by the ever so wise Solomon.  He may have learned these things after his many years of mistakes, trial and error, etc.

But the reason that this verse struck me so hard is because people say this to me about me quite often, and I guess I understand why.  The fact of the matter is…I wear my heart on my sleeve, literally (no, seriously I have a watch made up of heart links and a heart-shaped clock face that was given out of love courtesy of someone totally awesome….but I digress 🙂 )

I have learned over the years that it is very easy for me to open my heart to someone, not just as far as romantic relationships but also in friendships, just generally being kind and open and honest with people.  And although that is one strength that I really love about myself (cuz I know there are some people out there that really wish they could let their guards down and be like this), I know that it can be very dangerous.  I always tend to look for the good in people and often give people the benefit of the doubt, which may be a bit naive of me (and I guess I’m working on it) *[Sidenote:  This isn’t to be misconstrued as being gullible; that I’m not]*.  But honestly, I’m okay with that lol.  I don’t mind taking the risk of loving my friends, family, “prospects”, or people in general, unconditionally.  Yeah it might suck if negative things happen, but I feel like…the benefits outweigh the risks as they always like to say in the medical practice.  But yeah, that’s just something that came to me.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about this topic so leave comments if you so desire.

Love and God Bless,

– T

New Upcoming Series: HotTT (Hot Trax Tuesday)

Hey Guys!  So as many of you may already be able to tell, I love music.  I love pretty much any type of music that has something substantial/legitimate to say (gospel, R&B, jazz, pop, reggae, country, etc.).  And I have my moments (oh those rare moments) when I just like to get hype in the comfort of my car or room…*smh*

Anyways.  With that in mind, I decided to start a new series of posts called Hot Trax Tuesday (HotTT).  In this series, I will share with you a song (or maybe a couple of songs) that I just feel are like that, or at least at the moment :-).  It will most likely be a song or songs from one particular artist per post.  It could be a current song or a throwback from any genre so that should be interesting , and I’ll try my best to do this every week starting this Tuesday, no promises for the weekly part though… but I’ll do my best lol.  Probably won’t be much gospel in this series since I already have my P&W posts for that…

So yeah, look out for that!

Love and God Bless,

– T

I Love Every Sabbath ~ P&W: Darius Brooks, Sandi Patty, Youthful Praise

Oh yeah, just in case anyone out there doesn’t know, I am Seventh-Day Adventist  and ooooh so glad about it 🙂

So yeah, I went to church yesterday and it was AWESOME.  Sabbaths are usually the rest and refreshment that I need to make it through another trying week.  God definitely knew what He was doing when He made the Sabbath for man and not man for the Sabbath (Mark 2:27, NIV).

But yeah…Throughout the day, a few things that happened reminded me of some songs (what else? lol), and I figured, why not share them with you guys? 🙂  So here we go….

1.  Darius Brooks – “Your Will”
I think it was during the prayer or at some other point during the service today (so sad that I can’t remember *smh*), something was mentioned about yielding to God’s will and letting His will direct your path and it reminded me of this song.  It’s kinda long (isn’t that true of like, every gospel song though???)…but hey, if you have time take a listen.

2.  Sandi Patty – “Love in Any Language”
Then during the sermon, our pastor mentioned something that I think most of us can relate to.  Although there are SOOOO many different languages around the world, the one universal language that we can all relate to is that of LOVE.  Which is exactly what this song by Sandi Patty is about.  I have been in love with this song for such a long time, it’s ridiculous!  *whew!*  I hope you guys like it.

3.  JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise – “Lord You’re Mighty”
Finally, while at Sabbath lunch at home with some of my friends, they put this song on and it took me back to seeing it being performed live a few weeks ago when I was blessed enough to see JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise Live in concert and they performed this song along with Divine Dance Institute.  OH EM GEE!  They killed it!  The music  was on point, the girls danced to God’s glory with every single inch of their body!  *sigh* Makes me wish I was coordinated enough for all that…lol.  Just that in itself, having bodies that are designed (well in some) to be able to make those intricate movements…*smh* YESSSS Lord!   Okay….hope you love the song as much as I do 🙂

Sabbaths are the bestest.  For serious 😉  Until next time…

Love and God Bless,

– T

Weekly Wash #1: The Roller Set

So Friday night, I washed my hair with my KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo, conditioned with KeraCare Humecto Creme Conditioner,  and DC’d (deep conditioned) with Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask.  After all that my hair felt FABULOUS already!  Then I put in all my leave-ins and started sectioning my hair for roller setting adding my Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll to each little section before rolling it up.  And this is what it looked like after all that was done.

It took me pretty close to an hour to put all these rollers in (I be strugglin yall!  I am no hair expert; I just do what I can lol), but I finally got ’em all in.  Then I sat under my hooded dryer for about an hour until my hair was completely dry.  For the most part when I roller set my hair, I don’t do it for the curls, I do it to get it dry and decently straight without applying a substantial amount of direct heat, too much of which can really do a number on one’s hair (but I still love those Dominicans boy…).  So after my hair was completely dry, I took the rollers out, put some grapeseed oil in it, and wrapped it up overnight.

The next morning before church I unwrapped my hair and had to say I was really pleased with the results (as I usually am, and even if it doesn’t turn out just right, I try to find some kinda way to still rock it.  It’s only a failure if I think it is and I’m not confidently wearing it.  “I wear the hair, the hair does not wear me” lol).  Here are some pics of the final look (after I got all prettied up for Sabbath lol *smh*)

Success!  See you at the next “Weekly Wash” 🙂

Love and God Bless,

– T